Executive and ambulance aircraft 24/7 service
all over the world

What makes us better?

Our company specializes in private aviation and provides professional services to our customers, both in private flights and in ambulance flights.

We focus on providing professional and courteous service to every customer. We believe that your travel experience is the main thing and make every effort to ensure you a pleasant and stylish trip. Our team of pilots and flight attendants are skilled and professional and have been carefully selected to ensure your safety and comfort.

We operate in accordance with all safety and legal standards to ensure your safety during the flight. We also believe that it is important to treat our customers with respect and professionalism, which is why we focus on commitment to your travel needs. We take all the necessary steps to make sure that all your trips will be safe and orderly. We will listen to your needs and provide you with the most appropriate solutions for all your private flight needs.

Private flights / medical flight

Orange Aviation’s services divide into 2 sections. the first is private/executive/business flights to any number of passengers and the second is ambulance/medical flight in the event of an emergency or the transfer of a patient who cannot fly on a regular flight.

Based on 39 years of experience in the charter market and operating executive aircraft and ambulance aircraft, we will provide you with the most suitable aircraft in terms of cost / benefit for private flight, business flights, air ambulance or air evacuation.

 Orange Aviation offers ambulance flights or rescue flights with a dedicated ambulance aircraft or commercial flights that include a full medical team ready to transport any patient anywhere, worldwide.

Based on a wide range of connections and international representation agreements, we specialize in organizing special flights on demand for any number of passengers to over 600 airports in Europe and more than 12,000 airports in the world at the best price and at short notice.

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