About us

Welcome to the website of Orange Aviation Ltd. which specializes in private flights and ambulance flights all over the world.
Orange Aviation was established in 1996 as a pioneer in the private flight market in Israel by Captain Zvi Ehrlich who also served as the company’s chief pilot.
Today the company is managed by Amir Ehrlich who joined its ranks in 2008.
Orange Aviation offers rental services of private flights all over the world, from any point on the globe to any other point and for any amount of passengers, private flights and business flights.
We specialize in the field of private aviation and rely on rich and many years of experience. We offer our customers a professional and reliable service tailor-made and adapted exactly to their needs, in addition to private flights, we also offer ambulance flights (medical flights) in medical emergencies or for the purpose of transferring passengers who require escort and medical treatment and cannot fly on a regular flight.
These flights are carried out in dedicated planes equipped with a stretcher, oxygen cylinders and medical equipment adapted to the patient’s condition. A doctor and a nurse/paramedic are also present on these flights to treat the patient.
All our flights are conducted in accordance with the highest safety regulations and in accordance with international aviation rules.
We guarantee you a safe and pleasant flight with a pampering private flight experience.

We are available 24/7 for any question or requirement, contact us to get a price quote for a private flight or a medical flight.